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Best Sub Ohm Tank

Best Sub Ohm Tank

For the last 15 years, vaporizers have gained massive popularity and have helped many smokers switch to e-cigarettes. A vaporizer turns the vaping material into a vapor that is inhaled by the user. Some vaping elements can be used, allowing the user to experiment with different flavors and tastes. The reason why so many smokers have shifted to vaping is that it is healthier and ‘tastier.’ Vaporizers look sleek, and they also allow smokers to enjoy their smoke without the ill effects of coal tar found in regular cigarettes. Check out our user-friendly vape machines and top class e-liquids which come to you through our robust team of distributors.

The science behind Vaporizers

The Science behind VapingVaporizers is nothing but electrical devices which use an electrical current to heat up and burn the vaping materials. Simply put, every piece of metal has a specific resistance which is measured in ohms. When the electric current is passed through the metal, the wattage or the power output increases as soon as the resistance is decreased. This increased power output works on the vaping materials and releases vapors which are then inhaled by the smoker.

Sub Ohm VapingSub Ohm refers to a wire resistance of less than 1 ohm. Because of the low resistance, the vaporizer produces much denser vapor which hits the lungs more strongly, giving a satisfying feeling to the smoker. One of the most significant advantages of sub ohm vaping is that the smoker would need lower doses of nicotine, because of the denser vapor produced. In spite of the relative riskiness of using high wattage in their vaporizers, smokers love the thick white plumes of vapor that they can see, and therefore sub ohm vaping is all the rage.

Risks in Vaping

Risks in Sub Ohm VapingBecause of the lower resistance, the power, and wattage passing through the coils increase significantly. While the advantage of this is the denser vapor, but on the flip side, the coils and the tank get heated up considerably because of the higher power generated. Users of Sub Ohm vapes need to be careful while using it so that the overheated coil doesn’t pose any risk.

Simple Maintenance Tips for Sub Ohm TanksYou might have got yourself the best sub ohm tank from x2o, but unless you take good care of it, you will face problems sooner. So here are a few simple things for you to do:

1. Regular cleaning of all the parts is essential, to prevent nicotine or other deposits clogging the pathways. Take the vape apart once a week, just like a gun, and individually clean all pieces.

2. Some tanks have a switch which gets loaded by a spring. If the ‘click’ of the switch begins to feel softer, then the spring needs to be thoroughly cleaned and if required changed. To avoid this problem, many manufacturers use magnets in the switching mechanism.

3. You need to check that the vents are all clear and not clogged. The importance of these vents is that they allow the heat to be dissipated, and they also provide an outlet for gases from the vapor. In case your vaporizer doesn’t have vents, then it can’t be used as a sub ohm tank.


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