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Why It Pays To Be A Cannabis Investor

It has been proved several times that cannabis does more good than harm as long as it is taken moderately. This is why cannabis business is very profitable in states where it is legalized. Every cannabis investor can attest to this.

There has been no reported case where a cannabis investor declared a loss at the end of the year. They usually make a tremendous profit that often runs into millions of dollars depending on how big their farm is.

The biggest hurdle for every cannabis investor is getting a license to grow the plant and operate a dispensary. This is why investing in or buying off a cannabis farm with a license is a fantastic business decision. The demand for cannabis is tremendous in any state where it is legalized. It is not uncommon for cannabis dispensary to struggle to meet demand while other dispensaries struggle to meet sales target.

The major reason it is legalized in some states and for its high demand is its numerous health benefits that have been outlined right below.

It stops cancerous cells from spreading

A comprehensive study carried out in 2007 revealed that cannabidiol, an extract of cannabis has the ability to stop the growth of cancer. This extract turns off the gene responsible for the spread of cancerous cells. This gene is known as Id-1. During the study, breast cancer cells were used for the study. They were treated with cannabidiol and this reduced their rate of spreading.

In addition, It has also been proven by American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) that this cannabis extract also works against the growth of tumor in lungs, breast, and brain to an extent.

It helps to prevent Alzheimer’s disease

One of the active ingredients in marijuana, known as THC helps to inhibit the progression of the disease. This claim was revealed after a study that was carried out in 2006. Alzheimer’s disease is caused when the brain cells are killed by amyloid plaques. THC blocks the formation of the plaques by blocking the secretion of the enzyme that makes them.

It prevents and reduces Glaucoma

Glaucoma causes loss of vision by injuring the optic nerve with a sudden increase in the eyeball pressure. Fortunately, studies carried out in the 70s have shown that smoking marijuana can lower intraocular pressure thereby preventing Glaucoma for those without it and reducing its effect on Glaucoma patients.

It is believed that cannabis controls epileptic seizure

An experiment was carried out with epileptic rats. It was revealed that THC, a cannabis extract, was able to stop the seizures in the rats for about 10 hours. This was done by binding the brain cells responsible for regulating relaxation and controlling excitability.

However, despite the result of this study, some pundits still feel that it worked on rats does not mean it will work on human beings. So, it is misleading to be listed among the health benefits of cannabis.

It decreases anxiety

According to some Harvard University researchers, taking a moderate quantity of the drug helps to lower anxiety and stabilize the mood. However, the reverse can occur when it is taken in excess.

In conclusion, the benefits of the drug mentioned above are just a few of what it can do. It has many more benefits. So, all cannabis investors will continue to smile to the bank as they continue to make a killing.


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